As a church and as believers in Christ, we believe we are called to serve others – WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. This is a tangible way that we can love and serve the people of Thorold and surrounding communities.
Check out some of the ministries and serving opportunities we have to help make our community a great place to live!
We love R.A.K.E. Sundays!!! HUH? ‘What’s that?’, you ask! That stands for Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere!
Most Sundays we gather for a WORSHIP SERVICE. But every few months, we have a morning called SERVE WORSHIP. We believe you can worship God by serving the people around you. (“We love because He [God] first loved us” 1 John 4:19).
Some projects have been raking or shoveling, especially for those in our community who can’t do these things as easily on their own anymore. We’ve handed out free coffee and hot chocolate at a business or plaza, we’ve picked up garbage in residential areas and in local parks, we’ve handed out flowers to random homes and businesses and in the warmer months we’ve brought water to local parks where people are outdoors doing various activities. Some of our small groups have also begun adopting local agencies to commit to ongoing service projects. Our newest agency is Youth for Christ, located at 226 Merritt Street.
We normally gather between 10-10:15am and then go out into various neighbourhoods to perform R.A.K.E. activities. (Locations vary so please check our website, Facebook page or email Hilda, our Community Connections Coordinator, if you are not sure.)
This is a great morning to join us and we usually end the morning with a Potluck lunch!
R.A.K.E. Sundays & Kids! We have found this to be a wonderful opportunity for parents/guardians/grandparents to love our city alongside their children! As many activities will happen outside of the school building and because of our Safe Church Policy, it is important for children to remain with their caregiver(s). Over the past year we’ve enjoyed handing out flowers in a nearby neighbourhood, collecting food for Community Care, handing out Hot Chocolate or ‘Love Packs’ to people at the Pen Centre and more! We encourage each of you to make it out to at least 1 R.A.K.E. Sunday and give it a try!
Email HILDA for more information.
If you know of someone in our community who could use our assistance, whatever that may be (help with moving, cleaning up their yard/home, painting, bringing a warm meal, or anything you can think of) please contact us and we’ll put someone from our Love Thorold Team in touch with you immediately.
*NEW!* The newly formed RAKE Team is challenging our members to fill out a “Skills Bank Inquiry” so we can find out what the gifts and talents are of our members!
Print off the page, fill it out, and return it to Hilda Vanderklippe. Thanks!
Here at The Village, we have a team of people called the “Thorold Love Team” and their job is to seek out people living in Thorold and beyond – those inside and outside of our church – and find out ways The Village Church can show love to them. They have done this by visiting, sending cards, making meals. We’ve also helped families out who couldn’t pay a utility bill or were short on cash for groceries. BUT, this is not limited to only crisis situations – if you’ve had a baby or just moved into a new home, or if you are new in town, we want to be there for you too! We’ve been called on to help move people, paint a room or two and more.
If you know of someone in our community who could use our assistance, whatever that may be (help with moving, cleaning up their yard/home, painting, bringing a meal, or anything you can think of!) please contact us and we’ll put someone from our Love Thorold Team in touch with you immediately.
The purpose of Brock FOCUS is to help international students make friends with Canadians and other internationals, learn about Canadian culture, improve their English skills, and discover the meaning of life; Brock FOCUS is a Christian organization but we warmly welcome students of all religious and cultural backgrounds to all of our events. We would like to help make your stay in Canada a pleasant and successful one.
Brock Focus offers the following activities:
o Monthly ‘Supper and Games’ night
o English Conversation Circles (to practise your English) – see below!
o Discover the Bible and Christianity
o Friendship Partners (connecting international students with a Canadian family or individual)
English Conversation Circles:
New to Canada? New to the English language? Join an English Conversation Circle on campus; practice your English, ask questions about Canadian culture and meet new friends. The Conversation Circle will be held weekly and each week a different topic will be discussed; anyone is welcome!!
Location: Room 207 at International Center, Brock U
When: Thursdays, from 1-2 pm.
Brock FOCUS is sponsored by:
Connected Life at Brock ( and The Village Church in Thorold.
Check our more info here to:
For more details and the Fall Schedule, click here.


The purpose/vision of the Prayer Ministry at the Village Church is to pray for The Village Church – its people, its leadership and its programs. But it goes far beyond our own walls. We are also here to:
  • Pray for the community of Thorold;
  • Teach and model prayer to those who connect to The Village Church;
  • Be available to pray with those who desire prayer;
  • Provide opportunities for prayer in our church and community;
  • Provide resources and teaching on prayer
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phil. 4:6

The Village Church also has a PRAYER CHAIN MINISTRY.

A prayer chain is the alarm system for the needs of the congregation; it makes possible concentrated prayer effort on any specific concern or issue, including emergency situations. The information is passed along by phone or email, and those who receive the call or email immediately make the concern a part of their prayers and pass it on to the next person on the ‘chain’.

Scripture tells us to “carry each other’s burdens” (Gal. 6:2). Spreading news of a special need through a congregational prayer chain makes this kind of caring possible.

Not only does a prayer chain pray for emergency needs but it will also pray regularly for the church’s weekly schedule of activities (including the prayer calendar).
Email Rachel, our Prayer Coordinator, for any prayer requests you may have or if you have any questions.
Working for Change
The FIRST Sunday of the month (when we gather for a worship service), our offering goes to one of our partnerships or to a special cause. (This was formally called the “Toonie Offering”.) We accept all your loose change (or your bills or cheques!). In the past, money we’ve collected has gone to an orphanage in Chad, Africa, a church plant in Niagara Falls called The Bridge, Community Care, our partnership with Youth for Christ, etc.
Cobblestone Retirement Residence – Sunday Morning Gathering
A small team from The Village visits Cobblestone Retirement Residence on Ormond Street almost every Sunday morning! They gather with some of the residents there to sing together and hear a short Bible reading or devotion. This has been a highlight for some of our members! Want more info? Email Stephanie today!
Community Care

One of the partnerships we have thoroughly enjoyed has been with Thorold Community Care. Not only has our church seen our own members volunteer their time there, but we’ve enjoyed other ways of getting involved with this vital community organization.

Some of the ways we’ve supported Community Care over the last few years has been:
1) Christmas Adopt-A-Family Program: Each year at Christmastime, individuals and small groups in our church have taken part in this wonderful initiative. Gifts are purchased, along with food for a delicious Christmas dinner, for families who otherwise would go without. What a delight to take part in this!

3) **NEW! Back to School: “Snacks ‘n’ Sneakers”: Each summer the Village Church partners with Community Care and some local businesses to contribute towards the Snacks n Sneakers program. This program provides new back-to-school running shoes and school snacks for families on a limited budget. How does it work? Go out and buy some running shoes and/or school snacks such as: drinking boxes, pudding or fruit cups, granola bars, etc; drop off the items at one of the participating locations (TBA-we’ll list them on our website each August). If you have any questions feel free to contact Hilda at: 905-397-0502 or


Here at The Village, we also like to have fun! We believe we are a community church which means we want to be accessible to all! We don’t have a typical church building with 4 walls where people are expected to always come to us. While we do hold many events at Richmond School, which we rent each Sunday for our worship gatherings and our R.A.K.E. Sundays, we are also a church that is IN the community. We want to meet the people that make up our community and, in a way, make up our church. We believe ALL of Thorold is our church.
So what does this mean? We like to join local events, like the Santa Clause Parade, the Mayor’s Annual Canada Day Picnic, the Downtown Car Show and more. We also have our own Annual Community Picnic in the summer. Last year we had over 120 people attend!
Perhaps you have a great idea of what we can do to make this community even better to live in. We’re open to your suggestions! Email Erin and she’ll be sure to pass your comments, suggestions and/or questions on.
The Church has a spiritual, moral and legal obligation to provide a secure environment for children, youth, and vulnerable adults participating in Church programs. The mandate of the Safe Church Team of The Village Church is:
To facilitate ongoing mandatory education and training regarding abuse, abuse prevention, and the creation of a safe church for The Village Church.
To assist and be available as a resource to child and youth group leaders in the screening procedures.
To determine on an annual basis those persons for whom documentation (Criminal Background Checks, and signed Volunteer Forms) is required, and to maintain the documentation in a confidential manner.
To assure serious and compassionate response to allegations of abuse, and provide direction and support to those involved without admitting legal liability or making public statements (without legal counsel).
To ensure that reference materials concerning abuse issues are available in the church. Their content should be Christian and Canadian if such is available. These may include copies of our Safe Church Policy, the Christian Reformed Church’s Handbook for Leaders, and a copy of Beth Swagman’s Preventing Child Abuse: A Guide for Churches.
To work toward ensuring that relationships be carefully and prayerfully restored if allegations of abuse are found to be groundless.
To ensure that the information being handled is maintained with confidentiality for both the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator.
To consult with a lawyer as required and to report incidents to the insurance company.