At The Village Church – WE LOVE KIDS!

We are excited to have a children’s program on Sunday Mornings at The Village! Our Kids Ministry Team values these 3 things:
  • Kids participating in age-appropriate learning;
  • Kids being part of the larger church body (families learning & worshipping together on Sunday Mornings); AND
  • Kids serving out in their communities
So… what does that look like on a Sunday morning?
Each week we gather for worship, our Little Tots Village (Nursery) is also open for kids under 4.
For kids in JK-Grade 6 we have our awesome Kids Village Program, that meets in the Library about 2-3x a month. Check out the Calendar on our homepage, visit our Facebook page (@TheVillageChurchThorold), sign up for our Church App OR email our Kids Village CoordinatorWe also have something new for kids in grade 5-8!
Find out more HERE.
**Parents/Guardians will need to sign their children in/out every week to ensure their safety and your peace of mind!

**NEW – Bee the Church Sundays (aka R.A.K.E. Sundays)**

Every couple of months our church has a Sunday where we go out into the community to perform Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere! We don’t just GO to church; we believe we ARE the church!
During this morning we will not have our regular Kids Village program. We have found this to be a wonderful opportunity for parents/guardians/grandparents to love our city alongside their children! Also, as many activities will happen outside of the school building and because of our Safe Church Policy (see below), it is important for children to remain with their parents/caregiver(s) on these Sundays.
In the past year we’ve enjoyed handing out flowers in a nearby neighbourhood, collecting food for Community Care, handing out Hot Chocolate or ‘Love Packs’ to people at the Pen Centre and more! We encourage each of you to make it out to at least 1 Bee the Church Sunday and give it a try!

A Safe Place for All

The Village Church follows a Safe Church Policy indicating that all children are signed in and out each week. This is for your child’s safety and YOUR peace of mind.
Our volunteers are trained with the knowledge of our “Safe Church Policy.” We also have qualified teachers and ECE workers volunteering in our Kids Village Ministry.
Questions? Feel free to email our Kids Village Team if you have any questions!