“Go and make disciples, teaching them to obey what I commanded”

Matthew 28


We long to be a group of people who are disciples and who are making disciples of Christ. The starting question is how do we make disciples not how do we run the church? An author once wrote “if you make disciples you will always get the church but if you build the church you won’t always get disciples”. So how do we make disciples?
We understand ourselves at the Village to be a family of families. Outside of Sunday morning, Missional families are the places where we seek to grow in deeper relationships with one another while serving together in places of need.  This most often involves meeting in each others homes, eating together, praying together, serving together, reflecting on scripture together and caring for one another.  We believe that being the family of God on mission together closely resembles the New Testament model of the early church.  

Each missional (family) group takes on a life of its own like an actual family, however each group has the same practices:

  • Eating together
  • Praying together
  • Studying together
  • Serving together
  • Accountability
Currently, at The Village Church, we have the following Missional Families:
  • Front Street Missional Family
  • Prince of Wales Missional Family
  • Merritton Missional Family
  • Grow and Grace Missional Family 

To connect with one of these smaller missional families email Hilda van der Klippe (