May 2020

Easter – So What?: Dealing with Disappointment with God (Luke 24:13-35)

Continuing on the message series – Easter So What??, Pastor Mark walks us through Luke 24:13-35 and talks about dealing with disappointment with God. 

April 2020

Fidgety Discipleship and a Risen Lord – John 21: 1-23

This Sunday, Pastor Mark talks us through John 21: 1-23 and how the Lord talked with Peter about his love for Him after He had risen. 

New Life – John 20:19-31

Terence Schilstra talks to us today about the new life Jesus gives us, referencing the book of John 20:19-31. 

Look at My Hands and Feet (Luke 24:36-48)

Pastor Mark brings us our Easter message based on Luke 24:36-48 – Look at My Hands and Feet. 

God’s Got This

This Sunday, Pastor Mark talks about how God has us through this pandemic. 

March 2020

What is Jesus Doing Right Now?

This Sunday, Pastor Mark talks to us about what Jesus is doing for us right now amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Do Not Be Afraid

This Sunday, Pastor Mark preaches on not being afraid during these times of uncertainty and anxiety.