Our dream is to be a church where everyone belongs.
To be a serving community that reaches out and helps. Our specific Vision is:

“To be a community of faith that is dedicated to knowing Jesus Christ, serving others in His name and making Him known throughout our home community.”

What We Believe:
We are a church that is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church of North America. “Reformed Christians are a small part of a much larger body of believers who love and serve Jesus Christ. We’re part of a family that includes Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Evangelical, and a host of other churches that confess and practice the Christian faith.” (taken from the Christian Reformed Church of North America website)For more information on the Christian Reformed Church and our beliefs, click here.
Our Core Values:
These are the Core Values of The Village Church (things we hold dear and strive for):
We Value People – We value being a community where people are accepted, honest with each other, and transparent. Our church/small group environment will foster a place where everyone belongs.
We Value the Application of God’s Word – The bible is always relevant and continuously applicable to our daily lives.
We Value Community – We believe community, growth, spiritual gifts development, and outreach are best experienced in small group life.
We Value Worship – Our expression of worship is demonstrated in creative ways through music, art and language. Worship is experienced when we are in an intimate relationship with Jesus.
We Value Serving – We value “faith and deeds”. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to be seen and heard by lovingly serving our home community.
We Value Participation -We believe in “lay leadership” and “every member a minister”. Every person has gifts that can be released to build up the body and contribute to the spiritual growth of our community.
We Value Kingdom Expansion – We want to make Christ known in our community. We want to be able to invite and bring others into our community so that God’s Kingdom may be expanded in our church and to other places through church planting.
We Value Unity and Diversity – We are unified on the core truths of Christianity, and provide understanding and tolerance to other matters that are open to interpretation.
Our Core Practices:
Our core practices will help us establish an understanding of who we are and set the expectation for the members of our community of believers. We understand that over time we will work together towards putting these into practice. The core practices will also help to shape, and put action to, our core values.
~Disciples Making & Growing Disciples~
Just think B.E.L.L.S.:
1 – Bless two people per week. Bless one person inside the church; one person outside the church. This can take the form of a prayer, an act of service, or you can define ‘bless’ as you like. The point is the discipline of blessing, not the type of blessing.
2 – Eat a meal with at least two people per month. Eat with one person inside the church; one person outside the church. We should “practice hospitality” and get to know our neighbours.
3 – Listen to God. Prayer is central to all our core values. Because prayer is of primary importance, we encourage people to try one hour of contemplative “listening” style prayers every two weeks. As a church plant we will be constantly “listening” for God’s direction.
4 – Learn. Belong to a weekly/bi-weekly learning small group. Small groups will be a big part of this church plant. Small groups are something you live out not something you do out of obligation. Are you willing to model small group life? We need to learn to be refreshed by God’s word and grow in our love for Him and one another.
5 – Serve. See the importance of serving our community and serving in our neighbourhoods. Participate on a regular basis on a R.A.K.E. experience of other specific serve team.