Have you been attending The Village for awhile? Looking for a way to get to know more people or feel more connected?

Now is the time to get involved! We could always use a few extra hands around The Village Church. After all, it’s a place for everyone; meaning everyone can come as they are and there is a job for everyone! We know you have gifts and talents and there is no greater fulfillment in life than using them! Getting involved not only helps us out: it’s a great way to be part of a team and get to know others.
A great place to start is by reading our “Find Your Fit” flyer to match your personality and passions with a place to serve in or outside The Village!
Check back soon for a list of one-time, paid “positions” as well!

Here are a few volunteer suggestions:


Village Cafe/Food Services Team:

Are you a Martha Stewart or Jamie Oliver just dying to use their culinary skills? Do you love the word “potluck”? Are you a barista at heart? Contact
to find out how you can help with anything food-related at The Village!

Hospitality/Greeting & Ushering Team:

Do you love to meet and greet and open doors for people? Are you able to hand out bulletins or message outlines before our morning worship? Would you like to work at our Welcome Table to follow-up with guests? We need you for our team! Contact
to discuss where you can help out.

Counting Team:

Do you love counting? Are you a stickler for details? Do you love the smell of money? We also need people to help us count money right after our worship gatherings on Sunday mornings! Contact
if you’re the one!

Set-Up or Clean Up Crew:

Until we have our own building we are a ‘church in a box’ each Sunday Morning! Whether we are at Richmond School in the fall and winter months or out in the park during the summertime, everything we use gets put out and cleaned up again. When we meet at Richmond Street School we set up things like chairs, outdoor and indoor signs, audio & video equipment, our Kid’s Village Program, our Welcome Table and more! Set-up at Richmond starts at 8:45am each week but if that’s too early for you, then you can grab a coffee after the service and help with clean up. Or you can be on our Summer Team at the Park; set-up is minimal and start time is more like 9:45am. Contact
if this sounds like your kind of thing.


We need a wide range of musicians; guitars, drums, piano, keyboard, wind instruments and vocals for our Sunday Morning Band. Music is a big part of our new church that we want to celebrate. Contact
if you love to make music as an expression of worship to our God.

Children’s Ministry:

Over 25% of our church is kids! We need YOU! There are TONS of opportunities with our kids ministries. We need teachers and helpers and greeters and babysitters and more to help run our Sunday morning Kids Village Program. We also run Kids Camps in the summertime and need help with our Community Picnic. We want children to be a big part of this new church because we value kids and we sure hope you do too! That’s also why all volunteers must go through a screening process, including providing references and police checks. Contact our Kids Village Coordinator,
if you love kids as much as we do!

Prayer Team:

We want to blanket everything we do in prayer! We have so many different prayer opportunities at The Village we don’t have room to list them all! Contact
if you are a prayer warrior!

Drama & Art:

We want to express ourselves through visual arts and in other creative ways on Sunday Mornings but also in other ways. Drama would be an extension of this expression. Christmas or Easter presentations and weekly worship could be included in this. Contact
, our Worship Coordinator, if you’re a drama queen or the next Picasso.

Don’t See Anything You Like?:

Then let’s chat! Talk to
Erin today and she’ll help you Find Your Fit! 🙂