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God is still in control

- Nico VanRensburg

What is BIGGER than yourself that God has put in front of you at this time?

"I have more than one thing bigger than myself.

Work place – the people I work with, the patient’s I deal with – asking God for wisdom and discernment when making decisions that can impact people’s lives intimately and profoundly.

Marriage – being the husband and father God wants me to be, loving my family, carrying them in prayer and being an example of God’s love and mercy when dealing with everyday stuff.

The Village Church Board – seeking God’s wisdom in the tasks and decisions needed to help steer the Village. Praying for people to step forward to serve on the Board as vacancies arise and people’s terms come to an end - that God will provide the right people to take over the reigns and lead His people."

What is it that you sense to be your COVID calling?

"I do not sense a specific COVID calling. I do struggle with how to be church and how to meet the needs of people seeking God and His love in this time of COVID when we are really limited in our abilities to personally interact with people. I pray that God will show us the doors He wants us to open, to be His church in different times, to do church differently but in obedience to His leading."

What are you thankful for?

"I am thankful to have a loving wife and two lovely children who enrich my life. I am thankful for a job where I can make a difference in the lives of other people. I am thankful that I have enough and am able to share from what I have with people who have less. I am thankful for everyone at the Village who is willing to serve as volunteers in which ever capacity God is calling them to serve. I am thankful to know that, in all this time of uncertainty, God is still in control, He will let things work out the way they should and we do not have to worry about what tomorrow will bring."

What are your prayer requests?

"That God will use me the way He intended and that I will be obedient to His calling.

That the world will become COVID free and we can get back to living life the way God intended.

That we at The Village will be God’s hands and feet, bringing His message of love to the people of Thorold and that we will continue to learn and implement what it means to make disciples for Jesus.

That my son and his girlfriend will come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and trust God as their Father."

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