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Bring stability into the chaos

- Kelly Ewtuchovich

What is BIGGER than yourself that God has put in front of you at this time?

“I sense that I am to bring stability. I am not going to get hysterical. I listen to the news and there is a polarization of ideas. A lot of people jump to conclusions. I am not."

What is it that you sense to be your COVID calling?

“My mission is whatever God tells me to do and they are just little things and I can’t see the whole picture."

"I like talking with other people, connecting with people in Thorold and showing them the love of God. It’s one thing to connect and try and show people Jesus, but it’s more that I am the kind of guy to prep someone for Jesus."

What are you thankful for?

"Knowing that a lot of ppl in my life really care, even if they are not calling me every day, it has been ingrained that I know people care for me and this reminds me not to hold it all in, but spread it out."

"My health."

What are your prayer requests?

"I would get to show people that they are loved and cared for."

"Pray for people who have had so much taken from them."

"I’ve been paying debts off and it seems like it will never happen that they will be paid off. Every month I try to pay a little bit more, but it has been going on for years and it does not seem to go far. If I did not owe any money that would make me feel better."

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