June 2020

Church 101: Back to the Basics – Guilt (Acts 2:36-39)

Pastor Mark continues our series of Church 101: Back to Basics. This morning, Pastor Mark talks about guilt and gives us two examples from the Book of Acts 2 and 3 – denying guilt and accepting guilt.

Church 101: Back to Basics – Dare to Dream, Acts 2:14-21

As we continue our sermon series – Church 101: Back to Basics, Pastor Terence preaches to us from the Book of Acts 2:14-21 and reminds us that God calls us to dream like children.

May 2020

Church 101: Back to the Basics (Acts 1:1-14)

This Sunday, we begin a new sermon series – CHURCH 101: BACK TO THE BASICS. Pastor Mark walks us through Acts 1:1-14 and talks about how we can be less self-focused and more God-focused. 

Easter – So What?: Dealing with Disappointment with God (Luke 24:13-35)

Continuing on the message series – Easter So What??, Pastor Mark walks us through Luke 24:13-35 and talks about dealing with disappointment with God. 

April 2020

Fidgety Discipleship and a Risen Lord – John 21: 1-23

This Sunday, Pastor Mark talks us through John 21: 1-23 and how the Lord talked with Peter about his love for Him after He had risen. 

New Life – John 20:19-31

Terence Schilstra talks to us today about the new life Jesus gives us, referencing the book of John 20:19-31. 

Look at My Hands and Feet (Luke 24:36-48)

Pastor Mark brings us our Easter message based on Luke 24:36-48 – Look at My Hands and Feet.