July 2020

Conversation Starters – The Dark Side, Ephesians 6:10-13

Pastor Terence of The Tables talks to us about the dark side and evil forces that are present in our every day lives and we can wrap ourselves in God to help us when we come up against these forces. Pastor Terence speaks from the Book of Ephesians 6:10-13. 

Conversation Starters – Blue Collar; Proverbs 13

Pastor Terence talks to us about our Blue Collar God and how we can practice a life of discipline. 

June 2020

Church 101: Back to the Basics – Guilt (Acts 2:36-39)

Pastor Mark continues our series of Church 101: Back to Basics. This morning, Pastor Mark talks about guilt and gives us two examples from the Book of Acts 2 and 3 – denying guilt and accepting guilt.

Church 101: Back to Basics – Dare to Dream, Acts 2:14-21

As we continue our sermon series – Church 101: Back to Basics, Pastor Terence preaches to us from the Book of Acts 2:14-21 and reminds us that God calls us to dream like children.

May 2020

Church 101: Back to the Basics (Acts 1:1-14)

This Sunday, we begin a new sermon series – CHURCH 101: BACK TO THE BASICS. Pastor Mark walks us through Acts 1:1-14 and talks about how we can be less self-focused and more God-focused. 

Easter – So What?: Dealing with Disappointment with God (Luke 24:13-35)

Continuing on the message series – Easter So What??, Pastor Mark walks us through Luke 24:13-35 and talks about dealing with disappointment with God. 

April 2020

Fidgety Discipleship and a Risen Lord – John 21: 1-23

This Sunday, Pastor Mark talks us through John 21: 1-23 and how the Lord talked with Peter about his love for Him after He had risen.