May 2018

Teach Us To Pray: The Lord’s Prayer Luke 11:1-4

Pastor Mark DeVos continues to our Teach Us to Pray sermon series with a message, ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ from Luke 11:1-4, and a panel discussion on prayer.

I Have Hope (Exodus 5:1-23)

Pastor Mark DeVos is back to conclude our Building Blocks of Faith sermon series with, ‘I Have Hope’, from Exodus 5:1-23. The discussion questions for this message are:   Describe times when God brought you hope.  

Prayer 101 Exodius 33:11-17

  John Heidinga brings an introduction to our upcoming Prayer sermon series, ‘Teach us to pray’, with ‘Prayer 101’, from Exodus 33.

Building Blocks – I Am Called/Equipped

Pastor Mark DeVos continues our sermon series Building Blocks, with the message, “I Am Called/Equipped”, from Exodus 4:10-17.    The focus of our 2020 Vision Plan at the Village is “everyone disciples one”. One way to be an active disciple is by initiating faith conversations in your unique context through questions. Our hope is that these questions will serve […]

April 2018

Building Blocks: I Belong

Pastor Mark continues our series “Building Blocks” with the message, “I Belong”, from Exodus 2:1-24.    

What’s Next? Acts 1:1-9

Acts 1:1-9

Do not hold on to me, John 20:10-18