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Valentines Day Dinner Church Fundraiser

International Singing and Social

Sunday - 10:00am

A safe place to learn and grow in faith.

Join us Sunday in person

When is the last time someone asked you what you are learning?

We are a church that loves to ask questions.  We are imperfect people. But we are committed to learning and growing. Our hope is that you will see the life and teaching of Jesus in the way we do community.  


We exist to support, inspire and mobilize one another to live the way of Jesus in the places we live, work and play.  Our church exists beyond the walls of just Sunday morning. We’re glad to be investing in Thorold and surrounding communities! 

We want to make a good city great!


If you are new here, and are curious, our hope is that you will invest with us, and find friends along the way!


- The Village


Each week we interview a member of our community on what they are learning about God, life and faith. Below are some recent highlights. For more, see Story of the Week!


"As an introvert, I am very comfortable being at home … maybe too comfortable.  Being pushed out of my comfort zone, to allow myself to be vulnerable in relationships and connect those that have been put in my daily life has always been a struggle.  


My prayer would be to be aware of God’s leading and to be bold enough to follow it."



"It does not matter what the people we are caring for are doing, we serve them in the midst of that. Two of the people who I know are a couple of the dealers. When you see the tragedy of drug addiction, you might say, 'Oh we could just eliminate the drug dealers pushing this'.  I am learning to offer them compassion too, because they are just as broken."

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"Well, its been my prayer for sometime for a deeper more intimate relationship with the Lord. It has been part of my life all along, but that is something that I pray for."

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“God has shown me through his wisdom that I can trust him more than anything else…  We can trust God at his Word, trust what he says and trust that he is faithful to his plans. My plan does not matter. God’s plan matters. God’s will will be done no matter what. There is a freedom in knowing this.”

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