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Summer for the City

A summer long internship to equip emerging leaders in redemptive entrepreneurship for the good of the city.

The Village Summer for the City Internship is a summer-long, leadership development opportunity for Christians aged 20-30.

As an intern you will join other young leaders to apply entrepreneurial imagination to the greatest problems facing our cities today (homelessness, mental health, loneliness, addiction, political/faith polarization, immigration stress & isolation, etc.).

You will participate in:

- The work of the Village Church in the Niagara Region.

- Weekly workshop on Christian spiritual formation.

- Designing and executing a project that addresses a deep need in our community.


You will receive a mentor and will work closely with other emerging young leaders to equip and spur you on in your project area. 

Summer for the City is designed to create a supportive learning community for intellectual, vocational and spiritual growth.


Workshop discussion topics related to faith and redemptive entrepreneurship include:

-"How to manage a redemptive entrepreneurial project"

- "How to develop partnerships in the city"

- "How to lead yourself"

- "How to deliver a presentation to a diverse group of stakeholders"

Applicants for Summer for the City come from a diversity of academic, vocational, denominational and professional backgrounds.


The mission of the program is to equip emerging leaders with the tools, connections, and spiritual formation to serve God faithfully and seamlessly in all areas of life. 

Please contact Mark DeVos, the Summer for the City Program Director, to learn more.

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